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Common Questions

Concerning Jackson EMC's Online Account Access System
  • Whom do I contact if I have problems using the Online Account Access site?

    You may contact Jackson EMC at any time during the normal business hours of 7am-7pm Monday through Friday. During non-business hours, please e-mail our support team by using the "Contact Us" link at the top of this page. Excluding weekends/holidays, you will receive a response from our support team within 24 hours.

  • What information will I need to register for an Online Account Access Profile?

    The only personal information you will be required to enter to setup your profile will be your first name, last name and valid current e-mail address.

  • I am unable to remember my profile password. What should I do?

    Click on the link "Forgot your Profile Name/Password? Click here" next to the login prompt. This will redirect you to a page where you can enter your profile name or e-mail address. Your password hint will be sent to the e-mail address that is registered to your profile. (Due to security reasons, passwords will never be sent through e-mail)

  • Even after requesting my password hint, I am still unable to remember my password. What should I do?

    If after receiving your password hint, you still are unable to remember your profile password, you will need to contact Jackson EMC during normal business hours and request that your password be reset.You will not be able to just create a new profile, because your e-mail address can only be associated with one profile.

  • Can I add multiple accounts to my profile?

    Yes. You can add as many different electric accounts to your profile as you would like.

  • If I add different accounts to my profile, can I still pay those accounts separately, at different times?

    Yes. Adding multiple accounts to a profile gives you the ability to view/pay the balance of any of the accounts. The accounts are handled separately and you can pay for them at different times.

  • I have multiple accounts in my profile. Is there a way that I can pay for all of the accounts at the same time?

    No. This feature has not been implemented on our Online Account Access site.

  • Will I be able to view my bill and the date on which it is due?

    Yes. You will be able to view past bills along with all of the information on them including due dates and amounts.

  • When will my online payment be recorded?

    Upon successful authorization from the secure processing system, your payment will be immediately applied to your account. We log every transaction that occurs in case you need us to reference the transaction at some point in the future.

  • If I create a profile, will I still continue to receive a paper bill in the mail?

    Creating a profile does not automatically cause you to stop receiving a paper copy of your bill in the mail. If you would like to opt out of receiving a paper bill, we encourage you to sign up for our Paperless Billing Program. Once you add an account to your profile, you will be eligible to enroll in our Paperless Billing Program. The signup form can be accessed from the Account Main tab.

  • Can I use Online Account Access to pay for all the services that appear on my Jackson EMC bill?

    Yes. Any service that is part of your balance on your bill may be paid for online.

  • How do I set up automatic payments?

    You may contact Jackson EMC at any time during the normal business hours of 7am-7pm Monday through Friday to set up automatic payments from your bank or credit card.